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“I enjoy the challenge of correcting upper extremity problems, whether through surgical or nonsurgical methods.”

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Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Surgery


Certificate of Added Qualification for Hand Surgery


American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

About Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, where he graduated with honors as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Dr. Schwartz received the Henry L. Meyerding Award from the American Fracture Association in 1989 and later completed the Harvard Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship in Boston, MA. Additionally, he received a Certificate of Added Qualification for Hand Surgery.

Dr. Schwartz specializes in reconstructive surgery and disorders of the hand, elbow, and shoulder. He also has special expertise in surgery of the upper extremity.

Dr. Schwartz is fortunate to have A Brooks Campbell, PA-C, as his physician assistant.

Post-Op Instructions: General


R. Gilbert

“The combo Synvisc shot and Physical Therapy treatment helped my Hand/ Wrist.”

R. Gilbert.

M. Stadler

“I am a new patient of Dr. Schwartz and have had a wonderful experience. I came in recently and had a need to get both seen and have a surgery scheduled rather quickly. Everyone could not have been more accommodating and went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed done. Special thanks to Donna, Denise, and the receptionist at the Corporate Office (I did not remember her name, but she was outstanding) for all of their help. I actually have my surgery on December 23rd, and while I am not looking forward to it, I know that I am in great hands. Thanks again!!”

M. Stadler

J. McMenemy

“Dr Schwartz is the best, I already knew that. However, I had a very pleasant experience when checking in for my appointment today. Charlotte at the reception counter saw me come up to the counter with a plastic bottle of coffe creamer and shake it and she said “Just a moment, I will get the office manager”. She realized the office manager was out of her office and by then Victor came and let me know the exam room was waiting. I stated that I would leave the coffee there on the counter because I had to have cream (fussy ya know). Charlotte held up her “wait a minute” index finger and went to her purse or something and produced a small creamer container which she said was her private stash from home. She gave it to me and I went to the exam room with coffee with cream, and very satisfied that I was being treated at an office where all the employees seem to be very considerate and competent. By the way, coffee was great too.”

P. Presley

“My experience with Dr Schwartz was excellent, he and his staff are very professional and I was so surprised by all the attention that was given to me during my appointment. I was so pleased with his staff the way they all work together as a team and everyone was just on point. I would recommend anyone to Dr Schwartz. Love the staff!”

P. Presley

G. Horn

“I opted for the XIAFLEX injection procedure as treatment for Dupuytren’s Contracture in late March, 2011. The injection(s) and the next-day follow-up finger straightening were unpleasant but more than tolerable. At no time did I feel the need for painkillers. Within two days, and without surgical wounding, sutures or significant swelling/bruising, I began physical therapy. I was very impressed with this relatively new procedure and will opt for it again when my other hand reaches the proper point to do so. I found the twice-a-week post-procedure physical therapy sessions to be extremely beneficial to my full recovery as well. Not only were my therapist, Allyson Lachman, and her assistant, T’Nisha (Kenesse), very competent in their work but were genuinely warm and concerned for my welfare. By the time my sessions were over, I considered them friends.”

G. Horn


“Very convenient.. examination, x-ray, dressing room are all on the same floor..no need to run around. I like the facility logistics and people who are taking care of patients. Nice.”


C. McClean

“I was injured on my job on Nov. 2004. My injuries were a bone chip, detached and torn ligament in my right thumb. In about 6 months after my surgery, I still had some discomfort in my hand/thumb and knew something wasn’t right. I spoke with my doctor regarding my concern but stated I was okay. I went to a qualified medical examiner to see if he could find anything but he just agreed with my doctor. I was very concerned and could not find anyone to help me. A friend recommended Dr Schwartz and after sometime I was able to have an appointment with him. Dr Schwartz not only took the time to listen to my situation and concerns, he was the only doctor who authorized a MRI on my hand/thumb. Once the MRI was done, it was discovered that I had bone chips left in my hand. We both agreed,,maybe those bone chips might be the reason I was still having pain. We scheduled a 2nd surgery. In the process, Dr Schwartz also discovered (during the surgery) that my ligament was “stretched out, loose and flapping” around. Dr Schwartz not only took the time to take out the bone chips but also reattached my ligament and had my hand in a cast for an extra month to make sure that the ligament was securely attached. From the time of my initial meeting with Dr Schwartz, throughout my pre and post secondary surgery procedures, physical therapy and now with “maintenance” checkups. My experience with Dr Schwartz and Webster Orthopedics have been fantastic. Always helpful, always providing anything I may need for my hand/thumb. They have been my saviors. Although, I still have some difficulties in my hand/thumb at times, I know for a fact that had it not been for Dr Schwartz and his medical staff, my hand would be in worse shape and not very functional. Thank you Dr. Schwartz and Webster Orthopedics! God Bless!!!”

C. McClean

M. Cooper

“The team at Webster Orthopedics worked seamlessly to meet my needs during my appointment. When I arrived to the front office for my appointment I was discouraged to see a full waiting room. However, my wait was only abut 10-15 minutes given the number of physicians on duty. Dr. Schwartz has a quiet demeanor which can be construed as uninterested, however, he listened to me and was responsive to my questions. His support staff members were personable and made scheduling a surgery less daunting of an experience. I have confidence that Dr. Schwartz is the right doctor to handle my upcoming surgery.”

M. Cooper

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