Welcome to Dr. Rebecca Demorest's Sports Medicine Blog!

Welcome to Dr. Rebecca Demorest's Sports Medicine Blog!

I am Dr. Rebecca Demorest, a pediatric and young adult sports medicine specialist at Webster Orthopedics. I am a sports medicine pediatrician trained and board certified in both pediatrics and sports medicine. There are only about 200 of us in the country so I am proud to belong to such a special and educated group.

As a former rower, swimmer and lacrosse player and current runner (at least when the weather is nice), I am excited to be starting on this new blog adventure! I like to talk (or so my husband tells me) so this will be a great forum in which to share information, my points of view and practical tips to keep you and your kids healthy, active and safe.

As a mom of 2 young boys, I know how important it is not only to understand and recognize sports injuries but also to know how to prevent them. In my mind, prevention is key! (Anything that keeps me out of the Emergency Room is good!) I hope to bring you valuable information that you can share with moms, dads, friends, family members, teachers, coaches and athletes.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have. Also check out my twitter account. Looking forward to this exciting challenge!

Working to keep kids physically fit, active, involved, injury free, motivated and safe,

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