What You Need to Know About Total Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

J. Theodore Schwartz, Jr., M.D.

Dr. J. Theodore Schwartz, Jr. specializes in reconstructive surgery of the upper extremities, especially in the shoulder. Total shoulder joint replacement surgery requires a skilled physician and surgeon.

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Your shoulder is a valuable joint and when it is hurt or causing pain, the whole shoulder and functions of the arm can be severely limited. It is important to be well informed about your options for shoulder care in order to make the best decision to relieve your shoulder pain.

Dr. Schwartz specializes in shoulder reconstructive surgeries, and he will help you to decide if total shoulder replacement surgery is necessary, if partial shoulder replacement would be the best option, or if the shoulder can be treated through therapy or other methods.

What You Should Know About the Shoulder and Joint Replacement Surgery

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Your shoulder joint is incredibly important to the overall motion of your arm. When your shoulder is injured you can incur serious setbacks to all of your everyday functions. Anything that involves your shoulder or arm, from reaching to walking, becomes harder when your shoulder is injured.

Treatments for injured shoulders can range anywhere from physical therapy to joint replacement surgery. In cases of extreme shoulder damage or disease, joint replacement surgery is used to bring full function back to your shoulder and arm.


Dr. Schwartz’s first priority is to bring healing to your shoulder through treatment plans without surgery if possible. In cases where shoulder pain limits normal functions, like brushing your teeth, or normal movements such as walking, surgery should be considered. If this sounds like your situation, we recommend setting up a consultation today.

What You Should Know About the Shoulder Joint and Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is the process of removing a severely damaged joint and replacing it with an artificial implant. When cartilage loss occurs, causing pain and bone-on-bone friction, replacement is necessary. Common causes of this degeneration include wear and tear on your joints over a lifetime, or Osteoarthritis. Recent technological advancements and enhanced designs allow patients to have better outcomes and quicker recovery times. While joint replacement is a large decision, it can lead to significant lifestyle improvements.

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Total shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure that replaces the damaged or diseased head of the humerus (or ball) and cartilage with a metal and plastic joint. The purpose of this surgery is to repair damage incurred to the shoulder in order to bring back function to the shoulder and eliminate pain caused by the damage.


3D image of total shoulder joint replacement

The basics of the surgery include replacing the shoulder joint with a metal implant and restoring function through the attachment of this implant to the other side of the shoulder.

Here are the basic steps of the procedure:

  • The head of the humerus is removed.

  • The shoulder socket (glenoid) is smoothed and reshaped and a plastic glenoid component is inserted and cemented into place.

  • The upper portion of the humerus is hollowed out to receive the implant.

  • The metal stem is then implanted and secured inside the humerus and a metal ball is placed onto the stem.

  • The repaired humerus and glenoid components are then joined to form the new shoulder joint.


Post operation, your arm will typically be in a sling for 4 to 6 weeks. During your recovery you will be given exercises to do to regain full motion of your arm and shoulder movements. Physical therapy will follow your procedure and while it will be hard at first, these exercises will get easier and allow your shoulder to fully heal.

Benefits of Total Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

Having the total shoulder joint replacement surgery can result in significant improvements to your life. It can be a life-changing procedure that can reverse the damage done by many types of arthritis and other painful conditions. It rids you of severe day-to-day shoulder pain that patients experience in reaching, dressing, washing, etc. Patients who have received the total shoulder replacement surgery report a better night’s sleep, regained motion and strength in the shoulder, and overall life improvement.

Dr. Schwartz is dedicated to helping you receive the best shoulder treatment possible and helping you get back to living life to the fullest.

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