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The human foot and ankle contains more than 100 bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and forms 33 joints. Our feet and ankles are highly complex structures that work in unison to help support our body weight; allow us to stand, walk, or run; and move and flex in a variety of ways. When the foot or ankle is injured, it often requires highly specialized treatment to restore maximum function and movement.

Orthopedic Foot & Ankle versus Podiatry

An orthopedic foot and ankle specialist and a podiatrist are both doctors who specialize in conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and lower extremity. Whereas a podiatrist goes to podiatry school to focus on foot and ankle care for four years, followed by a two- to three-year surgery residency, an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist goes to medical school for four years and then enters a five-year residency program for orthopedic surgery and a subsequent year or more of fellowship for foot and ankle care. Typically, podiatrists focus on issues such as bunions, hammertoes, and ingrown toenails, and orthopedists focus more on fractures, sprains, and issues requiring surgery.

The Webster Orthopedics Foot & Ankle Center is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to evaluating, diagnosing, and caring for your foot and ankle problems. The services that our foot and ankle center offers range from simple treatments for minor conditions all the way up to advanced procedures such as arthroscopic surgery and reconstruction of the foot and ankle. Whether you may need nonoperative or operative care, we will provide a unique treatment plan focused on restoring your function and mobility.

If you have a foot or ankle injury that is preventing you from enjoying your favorite activities, Webster Orthopedics provides the highest level of care to help get you back on your feet.

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