T. Piazza

"Dupuytren's contracture – After many years of a gradually worsening case of Dupuytren's on my right hand, I went to see Dr. Lee in January 2011. He quickly assessed the situation and recommended the needling technique for my condition. A month later I had the procedure, which only took about a half hour and was carried out right in the office. The procedure immediately helped remedy the problem. Better yet, my hand continued to improve over time. Now, about two months after the procedure, my hand seems like new, with no sensation of cords being stretched. Let me add that Dr. Lee's office environment and "bedside manner" is very pleasant and relaxing. And his nurse Dorothy is a real gem, considerate and patient beyond expectation. I generally shy away from going to doctors, but I have to say that this experience was a very positive one." – T. Piazza

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