T. Arakawa

"My overall physical health and conditioning is extremely important to me. Prior to making any doctor/specialist appointments, I thoroughly research both the medical issue/circumstance that I face as well as the available doctors/specialists in the applicable field. Recently, I ruptured my proximal bicep tendon. As a result I began experiencing increasing pain from an old shoulder separation as well as an elbow dislocation. When exploring the possibilities, my primary goal was to find a doctor/Orthopedic Group that could potentially investigate the various medical issues from a holistic perspective and not just treat the individual symptoms by themselves. When Dr. Richards met with me, he spent a significant amount of time both learning about me as a patient and understanding the specific medical issues that I felt were relevant to my condition. As a result, we agreed on a treatment plan that holistically provides me the greatest recovery possibilities with the least associated risks and/or potential complications.

I am very pleased with the treatment path and feel Dr. Richards empowered me with all the necessary tools to optimize my recovery thus allowing me to return to a full and active life. As a side note, it happened that Dr. Richards was a professional colleague of the knee specialist (Dr. Scott Dye)that recently resolved my knee complications without major surgery. Many thanks." – T. Arakawa

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