S. Traverso

"I recently visited Dr. Goldman because I had pain in my left shoulder and my left arm was immobile. After ordering an x-ray, Dr. Goldman explained that I had a bone spur in my shoulder. He injected me with a steroid at the site of the pain. By the next evening, I was able to move my left arm over my head - something I had not been able to do for days. I appreciated the obvious accuracy with which Dr. Goldman was able to inject my shoulder at precisely the correct spot for the most benefit.

Seven and a half years ago I had seen Dr. Goldman for a similar symptom (slightly different diagnosis) in my right arm. The injection he gave me at that time also remedied the problem immediately. For me, he has always had a 100% success rate in his treatment.

I appreciate that Dr. Goldman has never rushed through my visit. He always takes time to thoroughly explain what my medical issue is and what he would suggest as a resolution to the problem.

I know he must be a very busy doctor, but he never makes me feel that he needs to move on to another waiting patient. He gives me his full attention when I am speaking, and he answers completely any questions I may have for him. I have complete faith in him as my orthopedist and his ability to remedy my orthopedic needs." – S. Traverso

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