S. Basye

"2009 - I had been having symptoms of numbness and tingling in my hands, and pain in my upper arms for some time. Not knowing anyone locally for a word-of-mouth suggestion for an orthopedic doctor, I found there were two larger practices in this area. I looked up Webster Orthopedics online and felt, from the reading I did that I felt very positive about making an appointment with a doctor from Webster.

I found out quickly that this was a group from doctors to P.A.s, to assistants and to back and front office staff, that work together, truly as a team to have the reputation that follows them. They are like a well oiled machine - a caring staff whose best interest is for the patient: taking care of their needs, answering questions, making them feel important and comfortable, explaining things, every step of the way, It made it a pleasure to go to the doctor's office.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Robert Rovner. Through x-rays and an MRI I found that I had problems with some of the disks in my cervical (neck) area. I felt, from the beginning, that Dr. Rovner was very thorough, answered my questions, and was a doctor who made me feel like my case was just as important as anyone else's. I felt at peace about having the cervical fusion done.

My surgery was performed in March 2010. I knew what could be expected during my surgery and my recovery, and though one area took a little longer to heal, I felt encouraged when my questions were answered and any fear of the unknown was removed quickly. I have had health issues for many years, and the osteoarthritis that I have in many areas has caused a need for orthopedic attention.

I have also been under the care and treatment of Dr. Aaron Salyapongse for a bad right knee that is now bone-to-bone. The pain and discomfort, all the physical therapy that just wasn't able to help me, meant that considering a total knee replacement was what lay before me. A daunting thought at best. Again, I have great faith in Dr. Salyapongse's ability and knew this was the next step I needed to take. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I haven't had the surgery as yet.

I have been under Dr. Salyapongse's care since early 2010, and continue to see him in regards to my knees. As a patient, I sometimes feel like my questions may sound silly, but he has always taken the time I needed to explain things to me, in a way that made sense and I could easily understand. I KNOW that if things come together and I would be able to have the knee replacement, I wouldn't want anyone else to take care of me, or perform the surgery.

It's easy to applaud one's doctors when they do such an awesome job of patient care and treatment, while at the same time perhaps take for granted the care and service provided by wonderful front and back office staff. I see my doctors in the Pleasanton and San Ramon offices and I don't want them to be overlooked for the (again) awesome work they do.

I have had situations when I had to make appointment changes "on the day of" or had questions that needed answers, and I was always met with a smile, a welcoming attitude, the answers I needed, while at the same time, the staff was very professional, and yet didn't lose sight of who the patient was, what they needed, and how to keep everything working well and together.

I've worked for different medical practices in my adult life and so I've seen both sides -being a patient, as well as being an employee. It is true, there can be doctors who have adopted a god-like attitude about themselves - it has never been like that in my experiences with Webster Orthopedics.

I would heartily recommend this practice and know that someone coming to W.O. for their care would not be disappointed, and I would never regret having made the suggestion. There is no perfect situation, no perfect office experience, or perfect people. The difference is in attitude. Even if you encounter a situation beyond anyone's control, it is handled in a way that you don't feel upset, but rather, can accept a doctor's day running behind and it taking longer to be seen, or perhaps a phone call returned later than anticipated. Even these situations are handled with care and the desire to work things out for everyone's best interest is what stands out most of all.

KUDOS all around, and no one should be overlooked. I have praise for both offices and the doctors and staff that have taken care of my orthopedic needs." – S. Basye

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