R. White

"I had been through so much I was at my wits end. Dr. Peatman listened and showed real concern about what I was going on in my life. He was professional but yet showed real human passion about the problem I was being seen for. I thank him for this ( thank you Dr. Peatman ). Plus the office was stress-free. I saw patients that showed no stress while talking with the Dr.'s about what was needed to correct their problems. They even had a smile on their face. These were major problem that needed to be corrected. This is something I had not seen in the other office I had been seen in. I feel assured that Dr. Peatman will give me all the help I need so I may once again be at 100%. All Dr.'s should be as he (Dr. Peatman) presented himself. Once again, Thank You." – R. White

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