R. Carpenter

"I am writing this to share my experience with Webster Orthopedics. I am now nearly 7 months post shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Schwartz, and consider my recovery better than I expected. Following my surgery I was informed that the injuries were greater than the MRI indicated, requiring more than just your typical shoulder repair. Dr. Schwartz told me to expect a year before I would be back to normal movement and maybe 90% of my pre-injury strength. Let me just say with steady hand of Dr. Schwartz and the wonderful support from the PA’s my shoulder is getting better and stronger every day. I also contribute much of my successful recovery to the hands-on physical therapy I received from Julie and Eric at Webster’s Physical Therapy on Crow Canyon. I also want to commend the office staff for their due-diligence in keeping the wait less than 10 minutes. I can only hope that I would never need any further surgeries (shoulder or otherwise), but if I do I feel quite comfortable with the services I received from Webster Ortho. By the way, I am 95% of normal motion and about 70% pre-injury strength. Thanks Webster." – R. Carpenter

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