M. Ventura

"I was diagnosed with osteoarthiitis in both hips and knees, and was advised that surgery was the way to go, I hesitated,for fear, but the pain was unbearable. I put my trust in this young doctor, and was amazed at how well I felt right after the surgery the chronic pain and the healing pain are like night and day. I felt great, so I had my left hip done 2 months later, again I felt great, however the knee began to give me problems. I saw doctor Peatman for a visit he asked how I was, and I told him if he could do this knee tomorrow I would hop on the table in a minute, and 3 days later I did. I have 2 new hips and a new knee, I healed in less than 6 months., I went back to work full duties no limitations, I lift, I stand, bend all through my work day, and walk very fast. I had an urge to write this because every day I get up I thank God and Dr. Peatman for the good life I have now," – M. Ventura

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