M. Stanly

"I had a new custom hip joint inserted on May 24th, 2011 by Doctor Salyaponge. He and I discussed my needs and the availability of a strong, collared, large replacement – and that is exactly what I got. The surgery obviously went very well and there were no complications anytime afterwards, though I will discuss which general anesthetic and post-op pain killers to use next time (when this hip wears out). I haven't noticed any geometry differences from the original and my range of motion is getting better. I walked out of the hospital two days later. The recovery felt rather slow, but then my muscles and tendons were very tight I guess even though I was still running three miles a week before surgery. If I hadn't been so restless the hospital stay would have been agreeable. The nurses were great as were all concerned doctors and therapists.

Three months – backpacked 25 mile round trip to 12,500 ft Mt Conness in Yosemite. I was very cautious and had no problems.
Four months – started running moderately again and went back to fencing. Felt like I had 90% use again.
Six months – Running uphill almost like old times and able to lunge better while fencing. Leg is much stronger. Felt like 90% use again.
Eight months – Leg getting stronger still. Felt like 90% use again. Obviously I had forgotten just how strong my legs used to be.
Ten months – Can actually run like I used to but don't, just to make sure I don't impact the hip too much. Even so I will fence aggressively. The hip muscles still get pretty sore after a vigorous work out but that is okay. Feels like 90% use again. I won't feel 100% until I can do one-legged deep knee bends like before, maybe even with a backpack on. I forgot that it took three years for my partially torn ACL to heal completely.

Two more months until my one year post-op. I'm anxious about what the X-rays will show. I have already put many miles on the new hip and have treated it like the good one, living the active lifestyle I always have. If it shows any wear so far I will be concerned. If it doesn't I will be ecstatic. Just a few years ago I would have been resigned to being crippled and half blind (had a cataract operation). Modern medicine and highly skilled surgeons! Thank-you Doctor Salyaponge and Jamie - and all support personnel!" - M. Stanly

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