M. Koch

"It has been seven months since you released me from your care following my shoulder surgery for injuries I incurred in a car / bike collision on 1 July, 2010. I wanted to take a moment to thanks you for your work and for the assistance of John Nisbet during my physical therapy sessions.

I am pleased to report that I have regained 85 / 90+ % of my range of motion in my left shoulder / hand and have worked much of the stiffness out of my back. The pain is for the most part gone; now working on rebuilding strength and on regaining that last bit of mobility.

John did a great job pushing me to the limited during the physical therapy sessions and still making me want to come back for more. With John’s help I have continued a program of stretching / shoulder exercises and see incremental improvement on a weekly basis. Getting out of bed in the morning still requires stretching to be able to move back, shoulder and hand in a normal fashion, especially in cold damp weather. I am swimming and hiking (4-7 miles on weekends) to work my cardio-vascular endurance back up but still have some way to go.

Thanks to your timely help I can now do pretty much anything that a normal 57 year old can do. I still have a way to go before being ready to get back on snow skies, sail in big wind or riding 140 miles a week on my bike. Not planning this year to ride the 150 mile charity event that I was training to do before the incident but do hope to participate in 2012. Must admit the pace of recovery has been disappointed as I thought pushing the rehab would have gotten me back to my pre-incident shape by now but all tell me it could have been much worse.

Good news is that I no longer require the help of a 90 lb airline attendant to place my carry-on bag in the overhead bin and saw evidence while playing in a scramble golf game with colleagues in Houston a few weeks ago that I may get a semblance of a golf swing back.

Thanks again for working with Dr. Schwartz to quickly clear your respective calendars to allow for my dual surgeries on July 8th and thanks again to you staff for their help and support during my convalescence." – M. Koch

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