L. Robinson

"I recently had right hip replacement surgery and I consider myself VERY fortunate to have Dr. Salyapongse as my surgeon. He is just what you hope to find in a doctor. He didn't push surgery, but he also didn't hesitate once we had exhausted the other interventions - he knew how much pain was involved in my condition (even though I am considered young for the procedure). The surgery went very well, and I was off pain pills and walking with crutches in a week, driving and walking with a cane in 4 weeks, and back at work walking better than ever with no assistance and no pain and no limp six weeks later. Everyone thought I had a great physical therapist, but it was the skill of the surgeon and the newer minimally invasive approach. I still can't believe how small the scar is! I would do it again in a heartbeat." - L. Robinson

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