"I had knee surgery in August of 2010 because of a torn muniscus. Dr Peatman did the surgery and a followup a few days later. He told me of some stretches to do, which I did, which negated any more followups, at my request. I did the stretches, etc, and only 10 days or so after the surgery, I was literally climbing a tree in my front yard in order to trim it! Even I will admit that that was a little much, but I had no problems. Better yet though, a couple of months later, in November of 2010, I went hiking into the Linville Gorge Wilderness trail in the mountains of NC. This is a rough trail, where you have to climb over huge boulders, fallen trees, and hike up and down steep trails. Well, I videoed the entire hike, and I even commented along the way that I couldn't believe how well my knee was doing, as compared to before the surgery. I commented that I was very thankful to Dr Peatman, because the surgery enabled me to do the mountain hiking that I would not have been able to do without the surgery. Dr Peatman is absolutely fantastic! Thanks, Dr Peatman!" – Keith

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