K. Watson

"When I made my appointment to see Dr Tseng, I was teated very well with the lady that was making the appointment for me on the phone. ( Giving her a 10 ) On the day of the appointment I again was teated very well by the ladies at the front desk when I was signing in. ( Also giving them a 10 ) When I got to the X-ray room, again I was treated very well by the X-ray tech. She told me what she was doing and why. ( Also giving her a 10 ) Then I met Dr. Tseng, and he and I went over my X-ray together as a team to see what we should do next. I work for a garbage company and I am up and down on garbage trucks all day long, so some of us get bad knees. I have already put Dr. Tseng bussiness card in with the guys at the job. Thank you, Dr. Tseng." – K. Watson

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