J. McMenemy

"Dr Schwartz is the best, I already knew that. However, I had a very pleasant experience when checking in for my appointment today. Charlotte at the reception counter saw me come up to the counter with a plastic bottle of coffe creamer and shake it and she said "Just a moment, I will get the office manager". She realized the office manager was out of her office and by then Victor came and let me know the exam room was waiting. I stated that I would leave the coffee there on the counter because I had to have cream (fussy ya know). Charlotte held up her "wait a minute" index finger and went to her purse or something and produced a small creamer container which she said was her private stash from home. She gave it to me and I went to the exam room with coffee with cream, and very satisfied that I was being treated at an office where all the employees seem to be very considerate and competent. By the way, coffee was great too." – J. McMenemy

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