J. Gates

"I hurt my knee when I fell skiing, and called Webster Ortho as we returned from Tahoe, because my daughter had previously been seen by Dr. Salyapongse and we were happy with him. I got an appointment in Pleasanton for the very next day, and was assessed by Jaimie, had x-rays taken there in the office, and was given a protective brace and orders for an MRI. After my MRI, I had a second appointment in San Ramon with Dr. Salyapongse who reviewed my images and gave me the bad news that I had torn my ACL and my medial meniscus. He didn't want to work with me, though, he felt that Dr. Donnelly would be a better choice, and arranged for me to fit into Dr. Donnelly's schedule for
the next day. I met with Dr. Donnelly in the Livermore office, and he concurred with Dr. Salyapongse's opinion and discussed my possible options. Dr. Donnelly's explanations of my injury were very clear, and his descriptions of the surgery were thorough and easy to understand. Even though I had been squeezed into his tight schedule, he took the time to be sure that I understood all of my options, and gave me reading material to consider before making my decision about having surgery. He also introduced me to his assistant, Lauren Adler, and his surgery coordinator, Jen. At all three offices, the staff was so kind and helpful. Jen, in particular, helped me with my pre-op needs and scheduling - she was great! My surgery was successful and I've had very little pain. One great part of the surgery was a femoral block (a tube delivering local anesthesia to my knee) that stayed in place until I had my first follow up appointment... this kept me from feeling much pain - important for me, since I'm allergic to narcotic pain relievers, and could take only ibuprofen and acetaminophen! I've had several questions and concerns since my surgery, and all of them have been kindly answered by the office staff, and my healing seems to be going very well!" – J. Gates

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