G. Horn

"I opted for the XIAFLEX injection procedure as treatment for Dupuytren's Contracture in late March, 2011. The injection(s) and the next-day follow-up finger straightening were unpleasant but more than tolerable. At no time did I feel the need for painkillers. Within two days, and without surgical wounding, sutures or significant swelling/bruising, I began physical therapy. I was very impressed with this relatively new procedure and will opt for it again when my other hand reaches the proper point to do so. I found the twice-a-week post-procedure physical therapy sessions to be extremely beneficial to my full recovery as well. Not only were my therapist, Allyson Lachman, and her assistant, T'Nisha (Kenesse), very competent in their work but were genuinely warm and concerned for my welfare. By the time my sessions were over, I considered them friends." – G. Horn

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