C. McClean

"I was injured on my job on Nov. 2004. My injuries were a bone chip, detached and torn ligament in my right thumb. In about 6 months after my surgery, I still had some discomfort in my hand/thumb and knew something wasn't right. I spoke with my doctor regarding my concern but stated I was okay. I went to a qualified medical examiner to see if he could find anything but he just agreed with my doctor. I was very concerned and could not find anyone to help me. A friend recommended Dr Schwartz and after sometime I was able to have an appointment with him.

Dr Schwartz not only took the time to listen to my situation and concerns, he was the only doctor who authorized a MRI on my hand/thumb. Once the MRI was done, it was discovered that I had bone chips left in my hand. We both agreed,,maybe those bone chips might be the reason I was still having pain. We scheduled a 2nd surgery. In the process, Dr Schwartz also discovered (during the surgery) that my ligament was "stretched out, loose and flapping" around. Dr Schwartz not only took the time to take out the bone chips but also reattached my ligament and had my hand in a cast for an extra month to make sure that the ligament was securely attached.

From the time of my initial meeting with Dr Schwartz, throughout my pre and post secondary surgery procedures, physical therapy and now with "maintenance" checkups. My experience with Dr Schwartz and Webster Orthopedics have been fantastic. Always helpful, always providing anything I may need for my hand/thumb.

They have been my saviors. Although, I still have some difficulties in my hand/thumb at times, I know for a fact that had it not been for Dr Schwartz and his medical staff, my hand would be in worse shape and not very functional. Thank you Dr. Schwartz and Webster Orthopedics! God Bless!!!" – C. McClean

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