Betsey H.

"I flew from Nebraska to Oakland, Ca and when I got off the plane my knee was hurting. It continued to get worse with time so I decided to go to the Valley Care emergency. They conducted tests, including an xray and could not tell me what was wrong with my knee except to say I had some arthritis but not severe. They gave me Dr. Salyapongse's name and advised me to go see him. I then made an appointment, went in ti see him, told him all that happened. he called to have my xrays sent over. he agreed that the arthritis was not severe. He examined my knee closely and determined that there was fluid on my knee. he then removed the excess fluid from my knee and then administered an injection of cortizone. What a difference it made! I could start walking without a cane and actually get into my bed without agonizing. I am SO HAPPY to have been led to Dr. Salyapongse. I would have had a miserable vacation with my daughter without his help." – Betsey H.

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