A. Rascon

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lee for several years. He & his staff are awesome. They operate like a 5 star restaurant. His nurse Dorothy is like the best waitress ever. She's super efficient very nice and makes sure all the paperwork and medicine are dispensed correctly. She is awesome. Karen Rush is another great element in this team. She's like a great line cook that will one day. Have a restaurant of her own. She prepares everything for the chef. She always meets with me before Dr. Lee, she takes measurements, she interviews me and I feel she cares about my situation. She is so wonderful that I only schedule my appointments on Wednesdays when she's in so she can assist in process. Finally we come to the crème de la crème, Dr Kendrick Lee. He would be the chef in this 5 star restaurant. He is extremely knowledgeable & wise beyond his years. He is the brain behind this operation and that why he's regarded as the best in this field. Dr's normally scare me, but this team of three makes feel at ease & show me they care about me. I want to thank u for having such a great team to take care of my needs. Without them I know I would in bad shape when it comes to my hands.” – A. Rascon

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