A. Churchill

“In my mid sixties I have begun to develop bursitis in many of my joints and had tried conventional over the counter remedies and exercises, but nothing really helped. I was referred by my primary care doctor to Webster Orthopedics, and to Dr. Peatman for evaluation and treatment. Dr. Peatman did diagnostic tests right away. I was happy to see he has an x ray lab within the offices. They are very efficient there! I have had injections in my knees and hips that make it possible for me to function better, at last, and when one knee worsened significantly we did an arthroscopic surgery that was very quick and painless. Results were very positive for me. I say "We" did it, because Dr. Peatman makes me feel like I am part of the decision making process in anything that is done, explaining things well for me. By analyzing my responses to treatment, and what I was still having trouble with, he discovered that at least part of the origin of my pain was in my lower back and we are treating that too. I am beginning physical therapy and I have high hopes that I will be back to my former level of strength and comfort very soon. Personally, I find Dr. Peatman to be unusually attentive and respectful, and he shares with me whatever new diagnostic information he has available. He has a nice sense of humor and relates very well with me. The staff at Webster Orthopedics is professional, efficient, and friendly. Patients in the waiting room always seem to be in a good humor despite the fact that they are there because they are having pain. All rooms are clean and well kept, so it's a nice atmosphere there. I would recommend Webster Orthopedics to anyone who needs to see a good orthopedist.” – A. Churchill

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