Dr. Peatman's Knee Arthroscopy Post-Op

What to expect following your Knee Arthroscopy:
  1. Upon discharge from the surgery center you will have a dressing applied to your knee. You will be given prescriptions for pain medication. Leave the dressing intact until post-op day #2, at which time you may remove and replace with a new, dry dressing. Do not apply any ointments or lotions to the wounds.
  2. Apply ice packs to the knee as often as possible for pain relief. Elevate the leg with a pillow under the calf, not under the knee.
  3. Keep the wound dry for the first 2 days, then you may shower –– but do not soak the wound.
  4. Weight bearing with crutches, as you are able to tolerate it, immediately following surgery. You may discontinue the use of your crutches as soon as you are able to tolerate it.
  5. Begin range of motion exercises immediately and continue daily. Motion should improve each day.
  6. You should be seen for your initial post-op visit in the office within 7-10 days after surgery. If you develop any signs of infection, call the office.
  7. Many people do not require physical therapy following a knee arthroscopy. Simple walking and independent exercise may be enough.
  8. Should you require therapy, our office will provide you with a prescription. The therapists will guide you through a rehab program. which includes edema control, pain control, range of motion, and progressive strengthening exercises.
  9. Your return to work and sports activity varies depending on the activity.
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