Dr. Peatman's ACL Rehab Protocol

Weeks 1–4:

*Keep the brace on locked in full extension for ambulation*

  1. WBAT, wean from crutches as tolerated
  2. CPM machine to help regain motion for the first week or two
  3. Edema control, pain control
  4. Range of motion without restriction
  5. Isometric strengthening, quad sets, SLRs
Weeks 4–8:
  1. Range of motion, progressive strengthening
  2. Introduction of balance exercises
Weeks 8–12:
  1. Progressive strengthening, isokinetic and plyometric exercise
  2. Progressive stretching, early running (12 weeks)
Months 4–6:
  1. Specific return to activity training
  2. Return to work and/or sports activity varies from 2-6 months, depending on the activity. (May require more time for higher-level athletes.)
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