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Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Therapy and Your Appointment

What do I need to bring to my physical therapy (PT) appointment?

  • Your health insurance card
  • The prescription from your referring physician
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing

What happens during my PT appointment?

At your initial appointment, the therapist will evaluate your physical therapy needs and establish a program that will enable you to quickly begin your recovery. You will learn about the treatments you will be receiving, and you will always have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding your treatment.

How long does my PT appointment last?

Most appointments will last from 45 to 60 minutes. At the time your appointment is scheduled, you will be informed about the appointment timing.

How often will I need to come to physical therapy?

The physical therapist will be able to tell you after your first appointment. At that time, the therapist will be able to better evaluate your needs, and set up an appropriate schedule to ensure a safe and effective recovery.

What should I wear to my PT appointment?

You will be most comfortable wearing loose-fitting clothing, such as shorts and a T-shirt, sweatpants, or a jogging suit.

Do I need to see my physician before I can receive physical therapy?

Yes, we will need a referral from your primary care or specialty physician before treating you in physical therapy.

What insurance policies do you accept?

Insurance is often complicated. Nearly all insurance carriers will cover a percentage of fees for physical therapy. The percentage of coverage does vary with policies. To avoid confusion, it is best to review your personal policy, consult with your insurance carrier, or contact our offices at:

  • Main Office: (800) 943-8099
  • MRI Office: (925) 828-1840
  • Physical Therapy Office: (925) 838-1550

Will I have a co-pay at the time of service?

Co-pay will be collected at the time of service if you have one with your insurance plan.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please remember that an appointment means that we have reserved that time especially for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we may meet another patient’s needs. We have an automated reminder system that will remind you or your appointment 48 hours in advance.

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